Seoul, South-Korea 19.-30.12.2014 ♥

Early last year, me and my mum decided we would go to Seoul and spend our Christmas there. That way we would avoid all the craziness that Christmas brings at home. 
Right after our trip, I thought it was a very good idea! I got to do something that I love very much: shopping :D At the same time I got to spend time with my mum which is always very nice. I also got to experience Christmas in somewhere else than in Finland and that was an interesting change. There were a lot of nice Christmas lights, decorations and Christmas trees near our apartment and all over in Seoul. We could also hear Christmas songs when we walked outside. Of course the food that we ate on Christmas Eve was way different than usually but still it was good. So in the end it wasn't so bad spending the Christmas there :) That's good because I won't probably spend the next one in Finland either...

So we spent 10 days in Seoul and we had rented an apartment from the Airbnb website. 
It was located on the top floor of a building that also had a shopping mall in it but it wasn't in use anymore. The entrance was very odd because first we had to go through a small container which had security guards in it 24/7. Overall the apartment was very nice! It had only one big room which had a small "kitchen" in it and of course the toilet/shower had a separate room near the front door. At first we had problems with the heating because it was very cold and the heating just wouldn't start but when I texted the owner he helped us right away and we could sleep in a warm room. Also the trash system was very...weird :D Right away we saw that there were trash in the hall outside our apartment and we thought that okay maybe after the weekend someone would come and pick them up. After the weekend no one came...We had to also put our trash there because it was starting to pile up. Some of the trash bags disappeared sometimes and we came to a conclusion that maybe the other apartments are also rented and when the people leave, the owner will come and clean the apartment and take the trash bags away. We had never seen a system like that before and thank god there was very cold in the hall because otherwise the smell would have been awful :D
Views from our floor:

During our trip we went shopping to different places, to eat mostly in local restaurants which was interesting and we went to the N Seoul Tower which was very cool. We didn't do so much sightseeing because honestly there aren't so many places to visit if you aren't interested about the history in other words in all the temples etc. Of course it would have been different if our trip was in summer because then we could had just walked around in the nice weather but in winter the weather isn't so nice for that. But it was fine for me because I still got to see new places and do what I like very much. One of the highlights for me was also that I got to see 2 big k-pop festivals on TV that happened in Seoul during our trip. Because I'm a huge k-pop fan that was awesome for me :D All of the stuff that I got to buy from the k-pop stores had also the same affect. It was also so nice to hear k-pop songs everywhere we went! For a change I could hear GOOD music everywhere not like here in Finland where you can hear a good song rarely but that's just my opinion. 

I don't think there is anything else to tell just that one of the best things during this trip happened already in Helsinki-Vantaa airport when we were told that we can go to the Business Class free of charge :D That was very cool! The food was sooo different and the chair....that was awesome and the headphones too! It was a great way to start our trip and now I know that the business class ticket price is cost-effective. Actually this was my mum's second time in Business Class free of charge and the first time happened also when she was travelling to Seoul :D Apparently Seoul is a good location to fly to with Finnair especially when you are a Finnair plus member. But now it's time for some pictures: 

N Seoul Tower is definitely worth the visit! The view is great and the whole place is very cool. Also the way to the tower and back is full of nice cafes and restaurants so you can easily find a place to eat and drink :) I especially liked those distance information things on the windows!

Pictures from near our apartment building: shopping malls and the huge sized and weird looking culture center. And also a picture from the Namdaemun Market gate.

I just LOVE Korean clothes ♥ They are the cutest and the most beautiful I know! 
I wish I was smaller so I wouldn't have to be so careful when buying them :D 

This time I found a few stores that sold K-Pop related stuff which was something I had been dreaming of since we bought our tickets. I got to buy CD's, a calendar, a mug and this cup which I can take with me to school etc, a new pencil case and other stuff. 
My mum also bought me a necklace on Christmas Eve as a present :) I bought for myself pendants which I will use for a bracelet and actually there's a reason for every one of them: 5 rings = 5 best friends, dog = Otto, ring + S + E + infinity mark + key + lock + London = me & S and the bird and the big one were just so nice that I couldn't leave them :D 

If you ever come across a Paris Baguette Cafe, you should definitely try it! 
Their cakes are amazing ♥
I also try these 2 drinks and especially the Brasil Seed -drink was very good! 
I'm a bit disappointed we can't buy that from here :(

We tried many local restaurants where we just picked something random and luckily we liked every dish :) 
We also ate once in a Western style restaurant because it looked very nice and we just wanted to go somewhere to eat. It was good that we went there because the staff and the pasta were both very good! The restaurant was one the route to the N Seoul Tower.


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