Hello February!

Can't believe it's already February! 

January just came and went or that's what it feels like at least. But there was still time for a lot of things to happen:

  • I spent an awesome New Years with my dear friends ♥
  • my school started :( 
  • spent many days in Tampere 
  • took Otto to the vet 
  • went to an ice hockey game TWICE (that was great!) 
  • had many school assignments to do (individual + group work) 
  • sent a few summer job applications 
  • got bad news from S 
  • decided to apply for a surprising job 
  • enjoyed many little things 
  • learned something new 
I think I might do this kind of a post about every month...it's nice to see what kind of things have happened during which month. Let me know your thoughts! 

So what are my plans for February? There aren't many at least not yet... 
The second exchange student I'm tutoring is coming very soon so that brings many things that I have to do with her and I have also planned a few free time activities because she doesn't have school until March so I'm a bit afraid that she will die of boredom here :D I think her coming here is the most exciting thing this month. Then there are a few school assignments that I have to do but luckily there is also skiing holiday this month :) I usually have some kind of plans (it's often travelling) but this year I don't have any. I will probably go to Tampere and do something there and the last day of skiing holiday I will spend in Moomin World with our Japanese guests and other students. That's all...I think. So not much but hopefully something else comes up too! 

What are your plans for February? 

xoxo, Elina 


  1. Yey, Moomin World! ;) Mitä muutakaan sitä tekis loman viimeisenä päivänä?


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