What have you been doing?

That question is one that many family members and friends have been asking me. In addition to having some lazy days at home, I have been doing various things and here are some pictures about them: 

I visited a nearby cafe with my friend. I really like the decorations and the food was quite good too. We also ended up buying couple of pieces of cake to take back home.
I love how many cafes Bangkok has and how cheap they are because 
I hardly ever visit cafes in Finland due to their prices. 

We went to see the Attack on Titan part 2 and I saw these in the cinema and wanted to buy one because I'm a Marvel fan. Unfortunately you need to buy both of them so I just bought a  normal popcorn and soda combo. Why can't we have cool combo dishes in Finland too?? 

Finally the rainy season is over but still last month there were many days when you could witness very hard rain. One moment you couldn't see anything and then a little while later, everything was back to normal :D
The first picture is not so nice when you're getting ready to go out and then you see that kind of rain...

Visited Asiatique night market with friends and got my first massage by a guy and it was also my first foot massage. Don't know which one is better a massage by a woman or a man but at least both of them have been very good and different. These guys were also very nice and cute that's why my friend took a picture secretly :D We'll probably go to that place once more. After the massage it was time for some dessert :)

I suddenly found a Skin Food shop here in Bangkok. It's a Korean cosmetic store that I found last time in Seoul. I have been so satisfied with the products I bought last time that I decided to buy a couple of new lipsticks. 

Had a very nice Sunday evening with two of my dear friends. 
Went to eat in restaurant in Victory Monument and after that visited JJ Green night market which I liked very much. 
Would like to visit that place again some day :)

Lastly some pictures of Lumpini park which I visited with my friend. After walking around we tried a swan boat which was fun :D Very cool and cheap activity! 
Then we went to eat dinner in a nearby shopping centre that had a nice steak restaurant. 

I wasn't so happy to see these lizards walking and swimming freely everywhere...
Poor turtle which was that lizard's victim :(  

xoxo, Elina


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