Saturday hang out

On a Saturday before I left to Singapore, I met few of my friends and one new person. We started the day by going to eat lunch in a cafe in Ekkamai. There we met Koh's friend who was very nice. I was glad to meet another Thai person and of course make a new friend. The cafe was also good and their dishes were very creative. My drink came in a chemistry dish and also my friend's sandwiches came in a weird plate. I ate a caesar salad in which I was very satisfied.

After lunch we went iceskating which I had been waiting for the whole week because I was very interested to see how my friends, who are not used to iceskating, will manage :D Everyone did well and I was happy to see how they didn't give up but kept going despite of falling down many times. I myself was very shocked that I had to use different kinds of skates that I have been using in Finland. The skates I used here are used only by boys in Finland and I found it much more difficult to skate with them. We'll probably go again and if we do then I demand different kinds of skates :D 

When we were finished iceskating we said good bye to Koh's friend who had to leave. We on the other hand decided to go see a park and an electronics fair next to it. I really loved the park and was so sad that I didn't have my camera with me. It's nice to see that kind of scenery once in a while here in this huge city full of buildings, people and cars. After we had checked out the electronics fair (it was like a madhouse!), we sat down in the park for a while and from there we headed to Terminal 21 where we ate dinner and then went home. It was one of my favourite days so far and I was very happy I got to spend it with such a nice group of people :) 

In Terminal 21 each level has a different city theme:
there's for example San Fransisco, London and Istanbul.
This bridge was very cool and I loved how they had put those little cars on top of it :D

xoxo, Elina


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