Back to normal

Hi all! I have been so busy and lazy, I haven't succeeded to write new posts. Last week was the mid-term exam week but I was lucky to have only one exam and no classes. Therefore I decided to make a trip to Singapore! I'm actually at the Changi airport waiting for my flight to Bangkok at the moment. I should already be in the air but my flight got delayed. No worries because now I had time to go buy a few things before coming to the airport and for comfort I made a stop at the Victoria's Secret shop here in the airport. 5 underwear left with me in a pink bag :) Now I don't feel so sad anymore because of I had to throw away one of my VS underwear a couple of weeks ago. I will make an own post about my trip but shortly said everything went well and I'm happy I got to see a new country even though I had to travel alone :) 

Now I should finish some internship applications and find a toilet before boarding begins. I will write again soon :) 

Have a nice week everyone! 

xoxo, Elina 


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