25.10. was an amazing day. Why? 
Because I got to see INFINITE live once again and this time only them for 2,5 hours ♥
They stopped in Bangkok during their second world tour and held 2 concerts here. I was lucky to find a website that sold the tickets and two of my friends also agreed to come with me.  
The concert was held in Thunder Dome which was actually quite small place but it didn't matter although I think the size of the place affected how loudly you could hear the fans screaming + the sound effects. It was quite horrible from time to time... 
We had standing tickets which we were first a bit disappointed about 
but once we found out how close we're to the stage at least I got very excited :D 
When they were performing on the extension part of the stage, they were very close and you could really see their expressions etc. Luckily we could still see them very well when they were on the "main" stage a bit more far away. 
I really loved them in Dream Concert in Seoul last May especially because I was positively surprised how good their voices sound live. 
This time it was no different. They sounded amazing and danced very well which is also something that they're well known for. They gave a very good show for their Thai fans + me & my friends and a couple of foreigners that we spotted.
I was super happy about the whole concert although after it my legs/back/shoulders were literally dying and I couldn't hear anything (I didn't hear properly even on the next day). 
I really wish I will see them again live in the future. 

xoxo, Elina 


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