Tickets for a great show!

Hello everyone, especially all the Inspirits out there! 

Monday was a really great day for me because I bought tickets for myself and two of my friends to go and see INFINITE EFFECT on October 25th! It's their 2nd world tour and this time they're coming to Bangkok to perform for 2 days. When I found out about this I immediately decided I HAVE to go there because finally I'm already in the city where some K-Pop band will perform so I won't have to buy any flight tickets or book a hotel etc. I also love love love INFINITE! ♥ Their songs, performances, looks and personalities are just great. I saw them live last May in Dream Concert and they were amazing and they especially sounded great. From that moment on I have been dreaming to go to their own concert to see and hear more live performances and now that's coming true. I can't wait to go there! This time I also have friends with me so I don't have to go alone. That's a big plus :) See you there other Inspirits! ♥

xoxo, Elina


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