Nice to meet you again!

On Saturday I met up with my two friends and also with a thai guy who I met two weeks ago. We went to another night market called Train market. First we took a skytrain from Ekkamai to Phra Kanong and from there we took a bus to the market. It was the first time for me and my friends using a bus so it was very interesting. It was very good to have a local person to help us use the bus system :D The journey took quite a long time but costed only 9 baht per person. The market area was pretty big, full of shops, bars and restaurants. At first we wanted to eat something and there were a lot of street food stalls that had delicious looking food but we preferred to sit in a proper restaurant. Finally we found one where we ordered 2 different kinds of soups and noodles. The food was new for me and actually also for the local guy. He said he doesn't like spicy food and noodles that much which was very surprising :D But we all ate it and were satisfied. After that we went around the market looking at the shops selling various products and also many kinds of desserts. While we were walking around, I got to know the local guy better and we were actually hitting it off very well. He even said he wants to have a closer relationship which I had been thinking the whole day and well the previous 2 weeks :D That was very nice to hear and also all the other things he told me because I found out we have a lot of in common and we're interested in the same things. For me Asian guys especially from Thailand are more interesting than Finnish guys so I'm excited to see how this goes and would I actually get a man of my dreams during my stay here :) When we came back we first took a bus which didn't take us where we wanted to so we ended up taking a taxi. The bus wouldn't have been a problem but it was already 11 pm so there weren't many buses running anymore. When we got to Ekkamai, we already planned our next meet which would be next week and we'll go ice-skating :D I'm very excited about that because my Japanese friend and also the Thai guy haven't ever ice-skated before so I bet it will be fun to see them try that. 

Ps. On Friday I went to do my nails with my Japanese friend in On Nut. Costed only 350 baht and the women did the flowers again by herself from the acrylic powder. So not a bad price at all when considering the amount of work! 

xoxo, Elina


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