Loving my life ♥

Hello everyone and hello September! :) 

Oh my I have been here for a month now and I'm feeling....VERY HAPPY! I have really enjoyed every day, hour and minute here. I haven't (still) gotten homesick but wished I could just stay here for a long long time. I was just talking with my friend that how it's much easier for both of us because we have been here many times so we have gotten used to the negative aspects etc. We're both really enjoying yourselves unlike some other people but I'm sure many are just having culture shock which me and my friend luckily won't have as strong and bad as many other exchange students here. I just love the people, food, weather (I can wear summer clothes 24/7 ♥), prices and lots of other things :) I'm really curious how I will think in December when my exchange ends... 

I have now attended my classes for almost 3 weeks and they haven't been so bad and that's why I feel like school hasn't really started yet. Although one of my courses, Marketing Research, is really worrying me because I feel like I don't understand anything. Luckily the school offers free of charge a tutor service so I will apply for a tutor and hopefully I will get one who will help me understand and get through of the exams. ASEAN studies course has been very interesting although I hate how the teacher thinks nobody wants to hear her talking and explaining while taking notes because that's exactly what I prefer. But no...she wants us to talk too and we can even sing, dance, jump etc if we get bored and start to fall asleep while listening to her :D Two of my entrepreneurship courses really started this week because during the first week we had a special lecturer and last week classes for both of the courses were cancelled. They seem ok and luckily not so hard. Then I also have Thai language or well I don't really have to go to the classes if I don't want to... Because after I managed to change the Thai 1 course to Thai 2, I found out Thai 2 course doesn't have enough participants so it got cancelled. But the teacher in the Thai 1 course was so nice that she said I can stay in that course if I want to. So now I will go to the class whenever I feel like it...unfortunately it's on Saturday morning. That's why last week I was too tired to go there but I will try to go there this week. I will also ask the teacher if she knows some good place outside the university where I could study Thai language. 

On Sunday we went to a rooftop bar for the first time! It was in a Marriott Hotel called Octave Rooftop Bar and it's located only 1 skytrain stop from where I'm living so not that far away. The bar was on the 45th floor and of course there are bars in even higher floors in this city but still the view was amazing! Right away when I stepped out of the elevator, I was amazed by the view because you could really see far far away. We got into this really nice sitting place and we ordered some drinks and food. Unfortunately we had to move to a different place because the staff was afraid it will start raining but it was ok because we still got seats so we didn't have to stand. We spent there a few hours enjoying the view, taking pictures and enjoying our drinks although only 2 of our group were actually drinking alcoholic drinks. I decided to just enjoy my non-alcoholic drink which was very good :)

I have one more news for you: 

EXOLuXion in Osaka HERE I COME! I decided to buy SM Travel's Global Package for EXO's concerts in Osaka in November. I'm soo excited!! I can't believe I will see them live AGAIN very soon. Now I just have to buy plane tickets and I'm ready to go :) 

xoxo, Elina 


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