Pattaya 12.-14.9.

I just came back from Pattaya where I spent a couple days with my friends. It wasn't a long time but it was just enough for me because I had been there once before and I don't like that place so much. It's a very convenient place to go if you're staying in Bangkok because it's only 2 hours away with bus (one-way bus ticket costs only 115 baht = about 3€!). We stayed in a hotel which was a bit far from the beach and all the party places but that was just a good thing! It was very beautiful and nice hotel with a cheap price. Some of our group left already yesterday but me and my 2 friends stayed until today. Here's some pictures and descriptions what we did:

On Saturday after we arrived in Pattaya, we went to eat in the Walking Street and 
then headed back to the hotel. 3 of us actually ended up taking a massage. I was one of 
them because my neck and shoulders had been very painful for a long time AGAIN. 
The massage was 1 hour and costed 300 baht. I got a head, face, neck, shoulders,
arms + back massage at the same time :D It was very effective and relaxing. 
Finally I could sleep without pain! I will definitely go again to a massage
maybe even during this week. 
After the massage we went to get some drinks and ice-cream and 
went to our room to chill. Some of us also went to the hotel's bar to watch football and 
have a few drinks. 

The breakfast buffet was amazing! It might be the best breakfast I have
ever gotten in a hotel.

Our food on Sunday evening: 

Potato salad
Sweet & Sour Pork
Chicken with cashew nuts 
Some kind of noodle soup with chicken
The best dessert EVER! :D

On Sunday afternoon we went to the pool and chill. 
It was so relaxing and fun :)
Especially because we were the only ones there!

Lime ice-cream

Very short trip but full of funny, unforgettable and not so good moments. I was really glad we went there although I was a bit disappointed that some of us left already yesterday. But hopefully next time everyone will stay the same time :) 

xoxo, Elina


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