14 days!

There's only 2 weeks (14 days) left until I travel to Thailand for my exchange study! 
This is getting more and more exciting and at the same time more sad. 

I will be away at least 5-6 months, the actual school ends in the middle of December but I have planned to spend Christmas somewhere and also travel to Australia for the New Year's. My apartment contract ends at the end of January so I will probably stay in Thailand until then but if everything goes well I will come back to Finland next summer. I'm suppose to do my practical training (6 months) in Thailand or somewhere else in Asia or even in the USA but if I don't get it, I will have to come back to Finland earlier. I just really really hope that I can find a suitable internship and maybe even get a real job after that! Fortunately there's still time to find it and I will also ask some help from the school in Bangkok :) 

Although there's still some time before I will leave, I have started to gather some stuff that I will take to Thailand. I can buy a lot of things from there but still there are quite a lot that I need or want to take with me. I'm sure I can fit all of them in my own luggage but it's still good that my mum is travelling with me so that way I can definitely take everything I want to and not all have to be in the same bag. 

The weather we're having at the moment is very awful and depressing so I'm actually very excited to leave to a place where it's warm and much nicer although it's now rainy season in Thailand. But I don't care, it's still better than here! 

14 days until I can use proper summer clothes EVERY day! I like the sound of that :) 

xoxo, Elina


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