Movie night

Hello everyone! :) 

Yesterday was this hockey season's first Lukko-Tappara game so of course we had to go there. This time our Korean exchange student came with me and Johanna to the game. This was her first time and surprisingly she fell in love with ice hockey :D 
I felt very glad that she liked it and is interested to go again because ice hockey is a big part of Finnish culture. 
The game didn't end well for me and other Tappara fans because Lukko won 2-1 but still it  was very good and exciting game :) 
Next Lukko-Tappara game is in the end of January so we need to wait quite a long time. It will be exciting to see how are those teams playing then because now in the beginning it's very different. 

My fun weekend will continue tonight when Johanna comes here and we'll eat tortillas and dessert, play Just Dance -games and watch The Hunger Games -movies (it's a MUST because Johanna hasn't seen them!)
It's definitely going to be a fun evening. Can't wait! 

It's very good to have fun before next week because then we'll start a project and I'm a bit nervous. One reason is that I'm the only girl in my team so everyone else are boys from Germany and America :D I wonder how that will go...
And my team got the worse subject for the project so that doesn't help AT ALL. 
Also because we have those American students, it's going to be a bit difficult to do the project because the time difference is so big but I still look forward to working with American students.
It's going to be an interesting week and the next 3 months :D 

Now I need to finish cleaning and then get ready to go the grocery store with Johanna. 
Have great weekend everybody! ♥


To Thailand TL: 20 days
To Seoul TL: 83 days


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