London 14.-18.8.2014

(This post is super late but I have had problems with the pictures and I have also been busy but here it is now) 

Hi all! 
Last month I spent 5 amazing days in London ♥ 
That trip was everything I needed after this boring summer. 
I got to hang out with my boyfriend after a long time, eat good food, go shopping (a lot!) and experience travelling alone. 

 I went shopping in Oxford Street three times and I'm so so sad that we don't have Primark, Forever 21, Bershka etc in Finland. Those shops are just full of awesome clothes and other stuff with a cheap and reasonable price. 
I hope some day they will expand to Finland! :D 

I went to walk around in Chinatown and Westminster twice with S. We also ate at a restaurant called Wagamama in Chinatown that I had found from the Internet. 
I had chicken and rice with curry sauce and S had fried noodles with prawns. Both dishes were very delicious! Also the place was very clean and the service was very fast.
 If you ever go to London, you should definitely try that restaurant. 

On the second we went to a huge book store to look for some books for my mum and also The Walking Dead comic books for me. Luckily I found both but after that I felt poor :D
Then we went to Westminster and I took pictures because we went to places that I have never been to. It felt a bit weird taking pictures because it was already my third time in London but this time I got many very good pictures from new places :) Also the weather was awesome so it was nice just to walk around and talk. 

Overall the whole trip was amazing! It felt comforting and exciting to spend a weekend with (a guy) someone you care about very much because that was new for me. 
We were already planning when S would come to Finland and also our future together. 
It was also interesting to find out new characteristics and things about S. Some are good and some are bad but luckily none of them are so bad that I wouldn't want to be with him anymore :D 

On Monday I had to leave which felt so horrible because I had so much fun and this time I really didn't want to come back to Finland. 
Well in the end the universe felt my flight was at least 40 minutes late :D

A lot of planes, Including us,
had to wait in line to get a permission for take off. 

Here are also pictures about everything I bought :)

£45, Foyles
I'm so happy I could buy these Walking Dead comics! 
I have been dreaming of those for a long time. It was a bit pricey but it has the first 48 comics so it's cheaper to buy this compendium than all of them separately. 

£10, Primark

£13.50, Forever 21

£5, Primark

£7, Forever 21
£10, Primark
£10, Primark
£7, Primark

£3.15, Forever 21 (3 rings)
£2.50, Forever 21 (6 rings)

£6.00, Primark (beige)
£8.00, Primark (black/beige)
£9, Primark
£3, Primark
£10, Primark

£5, Cath Kidston

£8, Primark

£9.99, Bershka
£3.50, Forever 21
£2.50, Forever 21


  1. Äääää, ihania ostoksia! Mäkin haluun shoppaileen ♥ Ihanaa, että pääsit näkemään S:n pitkästä aikaa. Huomaa, että menitte ton yhden puiston läpi, mäkin näin siellä noita söpöjä oravia vaikka kuinka paljon! :)


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