19.-27.5.2015 Seoul ♥

This was my 3rd trip to Seoul, South Korea and it was definitely the best trip there so far. There are 5 reasons for it: 

  1. I went to the 2015 Dream Concert which was the reason and highlight of this trip. (I will tell more about in a separate post!)
  2. I saw my 2 Korean friends. They were exchange students last fall in my school and I tutored the other one. We hadn't planned anything but luckily I was able to meet them both and spent an awesome day with them. 
  3. This was my first time in Seoul during summer which was much more nicer than winter. There was about +30 degrees and sunny everyday ♥ Definitely recommend going there during summer! 
  4. During this trip I ate a lot of different kinds of Korean food and I'm very happy about it. My friends made me taste a few dishes and I also tasted randomly some dishes with my mum. Some of those dishes will probably stay unknown to me but at least they tasted good and that's the main point. 
  5. Almost 10 days spent with my mum which is precious to me because of upcoming exchange study and practical training period abroad. Of course I spend time with her at home but it's different when we're travelling. That's also why this trip was important for me. 

I won't tell much about our trip because honestly there were only 2 days when something special really happened :D The first one was the day I met my friends and the other was the concert day. Here's something about the day I spent with my friends: 

They even have a lake in there campus!
A BIT different than my campus here in Finland.

Konkuk University's mascot

My friends Chloe and Roi ♥
In the background there's the campus library.

I met my friend Chloe in a metro station near her university and from there we walked to the Konkuk University where she showed me around. I knew her campus was big but I didn't think it's THAT big! Every major has their own building for example business and economics have their own building and science students have their own. There are also 4 dormitory buildings, places where they can eat, an outdoor stage and a building which accommodates all the different university clubs. And a lot of outdoor space where students can play, study and relax. I was a bit sad because I applied to this university for exchange study but as a second choice and at least the campus looked very nice and interesting. Hopefully the big campus in Bangkok would be as nice as this :) 

After the campus round we met my other Korean friend, Roi who was also an exchange student in my school last fall. Then we headed out for dinner which was a traditional Korean barbecue place. I went to a similar place with my mum on our last trip but the meat which we ate was different then. This time I also got to eat rice with seaweed which was very tasty! Overall the dinner was very good and the place was nice. I also got presents from my friends; the newest EXO album from Chloe and different nail polishes from Roi :) 

From the barbecue place we went to this sticker photo booth place where you could also sing karaoke with your friends. We took some funny pictures and I really liked that I got to keep some of the stickers as a memory of that day. After that they took me to a ice dessert place and the dessert was actually from Taiwan. The plate had mango in different forms and the big pile is actually ice flakes :D I really really want to eat this again sometime because it was completely different to what I have eaten before and it was VERY good. You definitely should this kind of dessert if you get a chance. 

Mango dessert ♥
Then it was time for another meal, this time some Korean street food :D The yellow ones are sweet pumpkin which was delicious and the weird black sausage was quite similar than the black blood sausage that we have in Finland but my friends said that it's still not the same. And the second black thing was pig's liver or something like that. I really liked the pumpkins and also the black things were eatable :D I was so happy that I got to try many Korean foods with my friends because that way I also got to know what they are. When I try some foods with my mum we don't always know what they are which is a shame. 

Korean street food, popular with young people.

At last I still got to see the campus at night which was very beautiful. Roi had some meeting so he had to leave earlier which was a shame but I was so happy to see him too :)
After a while Chloe walked me back to the metro station. On the way to the station we stopped by Baskin-Robbins and picked 3 flavors and ate them together. The cup was actually a lot bigger than it looks in this picture :D After this it was time for me to go back to the hotel and unfortunately say goodbye to my friend. I had a very good and funny day and I really hope I get a chance to go meet them again during my exchange study! It's cool to have friends in a totally different country and also be able to see them there sometimes. ♥

I loved the ice cream and also Baskin-Robbins have the BEST
commercials because in December their commercial featured EXO
and this time they had a new one which had EXO in it again :D
Baskin-Robbins ♥
Most of the other time we spent in Dongdaemun area shopping and going to restaurants because our hotel was also in that area. We also visited Namdaemun market and Seoul station area. We didn't do or go to any special places and I didn't mind that because going to the concert was the main thing and it was enough for me. I got to see my friends too which was very nice and a special thing. Overall the trip was very successful and I'm very happy we did it. I hope I can visit Seoul as soon as possible because I really would like to go there again and also meet my friends again. Hopefully I manage to get some concert tickets for the next fall so I can go there again :)

Here's a few more pictures:

A canal in Dongdaemun area.
There are 2 very huge wholesale buildings on both sides of the canal.
They are my mother's paradise :D 
You can't go to Seoul without buying a cake from Paris Baguette!
This time we bought a bit different one compared to the previous ones.
It had 6 different flavors: blueberry, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, cheesecake and
french fries. No, I'm not kidding! The yellow one really tasted like french fries :D  
Enjoyed a really good mango smoothie in Namdaemun Market ♥

What I bought excluding clothes:

xoxo, Elina


  1. ÄÄH, oon niin kade et sait viettää aikaa Chloen ja Royn kanssa! Ja toi kuva susta mis on taustalla noi pilvenpiirtäjät... ♥__♥ Mä niin haluan vallottaa Seoulin syksyllä!

  2. Joo oli todella hienoa nähdä heidät pitkästä aikaa ja vielä heidän kotimaassaan! Kiitos paljon ♥
    Sinne vain ja äkkiä! Soul on kyllä hieno ja kiva paikka :)


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