The last exam

Hello! I hope wherever you are there's better weather than here in Rauma. It has been pouring rain all day + it's freezing therefore I decided not to make my way to Tampere today but tomorrow when it's supposed to be nicer weather :) 

I did my last exam, Management Accounting and Controlling (hate that course sooo much!) today so now I'm free and off to start my summer holiday! I can't believe today was the last day of my 2nd school year and that the next time when I'm at school it will be in a foreign country. I feel like I just started this school, was struggling to get used to all of the new things and was having a lot of school work and projects last fall. I hope I passed all of my exams this month so I can go to do my exchange study in peace. I still haven't heard anything from my exchange school but hopefully I will hear something very soon! :) 

Now I should pack my things including everything I need in Korea and it's mad difficult! I can't decide what clothes etc to take with me because in Seoul there has been very warm weather but still it's not the same as in Thailand etc. I also shouldn't take so much stuff because it's only 1 week. This would be a lot easier if we were going to Thailand because the climate there is very familiar and I could buy clothes if I need to :D Now it's so cold in Finland that I feel like I have to leave with winter clothes to a country where there is a full summer going on. Hopefully I will figure this problem out and SOON! 

Speaking of our departure...It's getting very suspenseful whether our flight will be cancelled or not because there's a threat of strike and the strike would be on 19.-20.5. at the Helsinki airport. Because of this Finnair has to cancel some of its flights because there are not enough people to handle luggage etc to the airplanes. We could change our departure date but then we would have a problem with the hotel. I just hope our flight will not be cancelled and we can leave without problems. Luckily Finnair will give more information on Friday so we'll see what happens. I'm also hoping that Finnair would cancel only European flights and try to handle their Asian flights which could be possible because they are focusing more on Asia and of course they get more income from the Asian flights. But maybe this is just my crazy and stupid idea :D 

Have a nice week everyone! I'm off to packing my bags now :) 

PS. I'm so happy that Team Finland got through the Preliminary round into the Quarterfinals in the Men's Ice-Hockey World Championship Games! Yesterday there was a crazy game against Russia which we won yay! Tomorrow is another exciting game against Czech and if we win that we'll continue to the Semifinals. GO LEIJONAT! ♥

xoxo, Elina


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