Back in town

Hello everyone! ♥ After all I didn't have time and energy to post anything during my trip but I came back on Wednesday and now I'm getting back to business. I will finish separate posts about the trip and the concert I went to asap! Briefly I could say that everything went well and the concert was AMAZING and although I had to pay quite a lot for the concert ticket it was totally worth it. 

Yesterday I was still feeling very tired and jet lagged so I just watched this K-Drama that I saw and fell in love during the trip and slept and slept some more :D Today I finally had more energy and was able to do something else than sleeping. Being back home also means that now I will start moving my stuff back from Rauma to Tampere and give up my apartment. I will probably go to Rauma next week and start packing and my mum's friend will come help us with his big car so we can get once all the furniture here. Before that we will celebrate my niece's birthday on Sunday although her birthday was already in February :D But they were in Thailand then so they will have party now for her friends and family. Hopefully there's good weather on Sunday! 

Now I'm off to cook some food and continue watching "The Girl Who Sees Smells" drama. 

Have a nice weekend! ♥

xoxo, Elina


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