Blogilates - workout heaven!

This post is all about working out and especially Blogilates - the workout heaven. 

My addiction to Blogilates started thanks to my friend who got obsessed with it very fast and could not stop talking about it. At first I thought "okay yaay you're doing workout videos at home good for you" but after a while I got interested too. Maybe it was because my friend was really getting results from it and no she wasn't going to the gym etc addition to those workout videos. She only did those videos every day or at least 5-6 days a week and changed her eating habits a bit and still she lost weight and got strength, muscles and her general condition got better. I noticed right away that the calendars that she was following were very good. Cassey who is the founder of Blogilates and does all the workout videos, also makes a calendar for every month and it always contains cardio video/s and videos for toning some part of the body (arms, butt, abs....). You can get it once you order the newsletter from the Blogilates site because before you can get it and print it out, you need to have a password for the calendar. She has also two beginners calendars and videos especially for beginners so they are easier and people can start with those if they want to. Nowadays she has also these different challenges for every month, last month's was the 30 day butt lift challenge and this month's is the 30 day thigh slimming challenge. So the calendars for those challenges have only a few different moves and they are only for that particular part of the body for example this month there are 5 different moves for slimming your thighs. I think that's also a very good workout style and it's a good addition to the normal workout calendars that Cassey has. I intend to finish this month's challenge like last month's and you should too or at least try to :) 

Last month I (finally!) decided to order something from the Blogilates web shop that has different workout clothes, equipment etc. So I ordered two workout tops and I LOVE them and I also pre-ordered Cassey's first fitness book which will come out in April. I actually liked the tops so much that I will order more clothes very soon and also try her Mason jars and Detox bottles :) With the clothes and well with everything in the shop I like the texts and phrases the most. I think they are so funny and motivating and they actually make me want to wear the clothes. If you need comfortable, good quality and nice workout clothes or something else, you should definitely order from here! + they ship worldwide which is very good! 

If one or many of these statements describe you, you should definitely consider using Blogilates and Cassey's videos: 

  • you want to get in shape (for summer or for something else) 
  • you want to get more muscles, strength and better general condition 
  • you don't have money for going to the gym 
  • you don't mind working out at home (but remember you can do the videos wherever you want! At home, at work, outside etc....) 
  • you want working out to be fun and not just basic gym style 
  • you want to get support from other people (there are a lot of other POPsters and believe me you really can get support from them and also from Cassey!) 
  • you want to get healthy food recipes
  • you want to have a proper workout calendar for every month and also to get workout tips from someone who knows about working out and pilates 
  • you want to challenge yourself and maybe someone else too 
So if some of these describe you, try Blogilates! If not today, then tomorrow. 

I definitely recommend the videos and overall Blogilates! The moves are not too hard but believe me there are also very hard ones and if you just do them properly and you push yourself, you can get results. Don't let the moves trick you because they might seem very easy and basic but you will feel them if not right away during the workout then on the next day. You also don't need any equipment for doing the videos! 

I really like the fact that this is free, I don't have to pay for a gym in order to get into a better shape and I can do the videos whenever and wherever I want. And if you want to focus on some particular part of your body, you can easily do that by doing for example only videos for abs. Many of the videos and moves tone more than one part of your body which is great at least for my opinion. For me the calendars make working out easier and better because I don't have to think about what should I do today etc. I just need to look at the calendar and do the videos that are for today.

 I also read a news article which was about pilates and working at home compared to working out in the gym. It said that actually doing pilates is better than working out in the gym because in pilates you are using your own weight as a resistance which is supposed to be better according to some studies. So at least when I'm working out I think about all the people who spend A LOT of money for a gym when at the same time they could just work out at home free of charge and still get results and maybe even better and faster results. Of course in order to get the results you really need to push yourself and do the videos properly and also eat healthy. 

I hope this post made some people motivated to start working out and hopefully to use Blogilates! :) If you have any questions about Blogilates, the videos or whatever, just put it in the comments! 

xoxo, Elina


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