The spring is here!

Finally we can say that spring is here! The sun is up, temperatures are higher and there are many different signs in the nature (e.g all of the snow is almost gone and more bird sounds). Actually for Finland it's really weird having spring already because we usually have still winter at this time. It's not the same anymore because of global warming and whatever. But I'm not complaining! I love the sun so this is very good! This is good also because when it was very dark and cloudy I was feeling very tired and lazy all the time but now that we have sunny weather maybe I will get more active :) I just hope the grass and the trees would get greener quickly! 

Yesterday I went to a doctor who handles birth control things (yes we have specific doctors for that here :D) and because I didn't know that it will take just a few minutes I didn't have my Spanish book with me so I decided to take care of other things and skip the class. So I went to the pharmacy and to our dormitory where I had to go and check a few apartments for our incoming visitors. I did that with my friend who lives in the dormitory and after that we decided to bake some chocolate cookies with a recipe my friend got last weekend. We baked them and started our Harper's Island marathon while eating the huge and weird looking cookies. The cookies actually looked more like minced meat stakes :D but they were very delicious and that's what really counts. We watched about half of the season but we decided to finish watching it because it was already midnight (uuups!) and our school started at 8.15 today :D So we have to finish it some other day but I was glad that my friend liked the show because I really enjoyed it when I first watched it a few years ago. After I ride my bike to home I went straight to bed because it was over 1am and I was terrified when I thought about how early I have to wake up. 

The first batch

Masu :) My favorite cat! I just love her :)
Luckily I had only one class which finished early so I survived the morning. After the class I got a call from an Austrian guy who is coming with 2 other guys for an intensive course here in Rauma. He told me when they will arrive here etc because I have to go and give them their keys. Fortunately they are coming much earlier that I was told earlier so I don't have to go to the dormitory late in the evening. Now I just have to stay awake for a few hours and have enough energy to go meet them :D This is not an easy task because I already feel very sleepy...and I know that if I go lie down even for a little while I will just get more sleepy and then I will fall asleep. So I just have to make up something to do for myself and stop thinking about my bed and sleeping :D 

I hope you all have a sunny week wherever you are! 

xoxo, Elina


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