The last day of 2014

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! ♥

This is it...the end of another year. 
For me this year was full of travelling (to old and new places), new experiences, getting new friends, spending lovely moments with S & friends & family, 
harder but also wonderful moments, laughter, sadness, excitement 
and missing someone every day ♥
I hope some of the things will stay the same but some of them I REALLY hope will change and get better for example I hope I get to see S more. 

This year I will spend my New Years with my lovely friends in Rauma. 
We will go there today and hopefully spend an awesome evening :) 
They will stay with me until Friday which is nice! 
We have planned to play Just Dance -games (of course!), maybe watch some movie and eat good food :) Awesome days ahead!

I hope you all have a lovely New Years & stay safe! ♥


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