Greetings from Seoul!

Here we are in the heart of K-Pop ♥

So far everything has gone well although I have been quite tired and worried about Otto.
Before we took Otto to his "nanny", we had to take him to the vet :(
2 of his remaining teeth (4 total) were hurting and he didn't want to eat etc. 
But we got some antibiotics and pain killers for him so he will be okay during our trip. 
We also booked an appointment for the beginning of next month.
Then we will take the rest of his teeth out and also do a blood test and a full examination. 
I know his "nanny" is very capable and nice so he's in good hands and has the medication but still I feel a bit down and worried. 

Our flight from Helsinki to here went very well 
because we got in to Business Class free of charge! 
It was such a nice surprise and "Christmas present" :D 
Thank you Finnair!
We should definitely fly to Seoul often because this was already the second time for my mum to get in to the Business Class when flying to Seoul!
Both of the times the reason was probably over booking and maybe the fact that we're Finnair Plus members helped. 
The food was sooo different there and don't let me start about THE CHAIR... 
Oh man it was so nice and comfy :)
Unfortunately we didn't have much time for sleep so I finally ended up staying awake the whole 8 hours.

We have now been going through the nearby shopping malls and wholesale markets. 
I have already bought clothes and K-Pop stuff.
Tomorrow we're supposed to go and find 2 big K-Pop stores for me ♥ Yaaay! 
That's going to be an expensive trip.... :D 
The trip will be nice also because the neighborhood where we're going is new for me.

We also found a Parisien Baguette bakery near our apartment which is awesome! 
I fell in love with their products especially the cakes last time in Seoul. 
We already bought a Tiramisu cake from there 
and we planned to buy some other cake for Christmas :)

Now I will watch some Korean drama or something :)
Have a nice week everyone! ♥


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