Friends make everything better ♥

Hello everybody! ♥

Wherever you are, I hope you're happy and having a good day :) 

I just got to say that I LOVE my friends! ♥
I don't know what would I do without them!
They make me laugh, happy, relaxed, cry out of happiness & one of the luckiest person 
in the whole world. 
That's why it's really hard for me sometimes to live in a different city and not be able to see them so often. But when we do meet, I make every every second account! 

Last weekend I made again those every second count. 
On Friday we went to the movies to see Non-Stop which is about an air marshal (played by Liam Neeson) who gets threat texts. He needs to pay a huge amount money or otherwise every 20 minutes someone on the plane will die. It was intense and very good! 
I definitely recommend it! But maybe not for those who are very scared of flying :D 
After the movie I went over to my friend's house to spend the evening which was very nice :) 

On Saturday we all went to eat chicken wings at Siipiweikot. It was sooo yummy and we had a great time minus the loud people in the next table. 
After our "dinner" we headed to Western Saloon Rodeo which is an American style bar/dance place. It was my first time there and although I'm not that interested in going to a bar, I got to say that I liked that place! :D It was very different than other places and and it was just nice. 
We really enjoyed ourselves there and that's why we didn't leave until after 3 am so I was at home about 4 am :D And unfortunately I couldn't sleep very long because I still had to do some stuff before I left back to Rauma. 
Still no harm done! I survived like everyone else :D 

Tomorrow I will be heading back to Tampere again because I have to go and get Otto, my bicycle and also help my mum. And maybe I get to see my lovely friends too :) 

Now for the end of this post, I will show you a few things that I have bought this month :)

A new decoration pillow
+ the new game 
A new dance game AGAIN :D
I couldn't help myself because it was on sale...

Still need to hang this up on the wall
but I don't have the right equipment at the moment :(

I love this mat because it goes so well with my
English themed photo frame that
I have in my hallway too :) 

Now I still have a few things to do and then I'm off to bed. 
Goodnight everyone & stay safe :) ♥


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(sorry for the Finnish language!) 


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