A lot of has happened...

Hi everyone! 
I haven't written a lot these days but that's going to change. 

So a lot of has happened this year so far. I came back to Rauma a day before my school started but....I had to go stay at my friend's place because the renovation in my flat wasn't ready. That's one of the reasons why I haven't been writing much. Although it was very nice and cool to stay with Johanna and spend a lot of time with her, it was still very annoying and frustrating. I just wanted to go home to sleep in my own bed and do things with my own stuff and also do everything the way I'm used to. 
But everything went well and we both survived (but barely!) :D 

On Monday I finally got some good news from my mum. She was told that I can go back to my flat on Wednesday. I was soooo relieved because the renovation took a longer time than it was supposed to so I was getting very angry. That's why I have decided that I will never ever want any company do any renovations at my home because they clearly all suck and can't do their job well and on time :D This was enough for me. I just hope there won't be any water damage or something else in my flat during the time I'm here. 

So now I'm happily back in my flat which is A MESS! Trust me it looks like chaos or like something has exploded here... Well fortunately the weekend is nearly here so I will have a lot of time to clean all this up. And you are all welcome to join me :D 

But now it's time to continue the (hopeless) cleaning! Bye all :)


  1. Home is the best place in earth :) I'm happy because there is now actually space in my living room :D

  2. You are absolutely right :) Nothing beats home!
    But it's now too clean, silent and peaceful, right? Just say the word and I'll come back ;D


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