♥♥ 2013 ♥♥

It's time for a new year, 2014! I just have to say that I can't believe how fast these years go by nowadays... This is mad! Soon I'll be 20, graduate, get a real job and HOPEFULLY move abroad with S, get married & start a family and get old & DIE
... But what then? :/ 

For me the year 2013 was...UNBELIEVABLE! There aren't words enough to describe it. And for the first time, most of the experiences and happenings were positive instead of negative and bad. I thought I would do a recap post about all of those things :) 

My year started in Thailand with my mum, brother and his Thai wife. It was a long trip (28.12.2012-15.1.2013) and full of unforgettable, fun and sad moments ♥ 
I loved: 

  • shopping, shopping & shopping
  • seeing Kanjana's family again
  • going to Chiang Mai 
  • visiting Chiang Mai Zoo & Doi Suthep -temple
  • seeing Thailand's old capitol, Ayutthaya
  • going to Pattaya and to the beach 
  • eating Thai food & drinks
  • spending time with my family ♥

Thailand 2013 ♥
February was full of school events: 

  • Penkkarit (it's a festival for the 3rd year students who are supposed to dress up and go throw candy from a truck) 
  • Wanhojen Tanssit (it's a formal dance, a bit like "Prom" in the US) 
  • Abiristeily (it's a cruise for students where we ate very good food and had a lot of fun)
Also my baccalaureates started; Finnish written exam and English, German and Swedish listening exams. 

Penkkarit & Wanhojen Tanssit ♥

On March it was my sister's wedding where I was a flower girl. Oh how I loved wearing my fabulous dress and shoes... :)) 

My sister's wedding ♥ (sorry I don't have any pictures from the ceremony or the party) 
Also I had my last baccalaureates; Finnish essay exam, Math exam and English, German and Swedish written exam. I was so happy when all the exams were over! But then started another important school related "operation"... 

From March until May I spent almost all of my time on reading for my entrance exams. I was also in cram school for my economics entrance exam. The first exam was in April and the rest of them were in May and June. 
 The spring was quite rough and stressful but luckily I had my friends and a new dear friend (nowadays boyfriend), Salman. 

Now we get to the "event" which was another big thing in my life last Spring; talking and getting to know Salman. There were many many nights spent texting and talking in Skype and playing Battlefield 3. It was a nice time and it really gave me a boost for all the reading stuff :)

On the 1st of June came the day me and my friends had been waiting for the last 3 years; GRADUATION DAY! 
We finally got our graduation hats and were free from high school. It was a nice and sunny day. And it came even better when I went to celebrate with my friends :)

Graduation 2013 ♥
I also got to celebrate one other thing... 
Just before the graduation day, I got a letter from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences which told that I got in! I was so excited and happy because I got in to a school right away and even to where I will study in English.

June went by waiting for July to come :D and by finding an apartment for me. We searched for a while but then we found a perfect apartment from Tori.fi. Because of the lack of good and suitable apartments in Rauma, we decided straight away that I'm going to take it. It felt very weird going to look apartments and filling a contract because I had lived so many years with my mum :D But I was very happy and satisfied after that :) 

 Finally 4th of July came and I traveled to London with my best friend Suvi. We were there for 7 days and we experienced and saw a lot of different things. I also met Salman for the first time which was amazing. 

Overall it was an incredible trip ♥ I would say it was maybe the best thing in 2013...

Best friend + S + London = Unforgettable ♥

After our trip, in the end of July, me and Suvi went to see & hear Rihanna live in Hartwall Arena. I had been waiting for years to see her perform live and now that dream came also true. It was an awesome night and we had a lot of fun :)
(I'll add pictures later!)
On August it was time to move my last stuff to my flat and start to get ready for school. My school started later than it was supposed to but before that me and my friends had a farewell party for me. We went mini golfing and eating. It was very funny and lovely day :) It was nice to spend time with my friends before I will really stay in Rauma. 

Farewell party with the most amazing friends in the world ♥
September & October were full of school work & events and getting to know everybody in my class. On my Autumn break, in October, I also went to visit Salman in London again with my new friend Johanna. We were there only for a few days but it was worth it. I got to see a lot of new places and of course spend time with S which was awesome :)
Our mini trip really gave much needed energy for the rest of the autumn.

In November was my 19th birthday which I celebrated at first with a few new friends from school (we went to eat in Amarillo) and later with my dear "old" friends in Tampere. It was nice to get to celebrate with both of those people :)

November and December were absolutely horrible in school because of all of our group works, independent tasks and exams. But in the end, I pulled through and did everything I was supposed to. I got to admit I was thinking a few times that what the hell I'm doing there :D "Luckily" I wasn't the only one who almost ran far away screaming....

After all of that It felt so amazing to start my Christmas holiday by going back to Tampere and just relax. But there was still one thing in my mind which was bothering me... Me and S were planning him to come here for Christmas but when my holiday started it was starting to look...not so good... And in the end he couldn't come which was sad and dumm. Fortunately I got to talk with him on Christmas Eve. This year Christmas was, at first, something I wasn't waiting for because there wasn't any snow and I was missing S so I just wanted to skip it. But I just had to keep my head high and get through it :D and in the end it went quite well. I spent a lot of time with my family and got nice presents and ate good food :)

My friend's graduation & Christmas ♥
On Boxing Day I went to celebrate my friend's birthday which was a lot of fun, good friends & food. Also we met many new people on Chatroulette.

I spent the New Year's Eve also with my friend.
I made an English dessert and salad for us and Saara had bought other snacks too. We spent the evening/night on Chatroulette and we also watched some fireworks (which we also showed to some Spanish guy :D).

And then it was 2014 and time for new adventures, events and friends and not to forget all the people who are already in my life ♥
Let's hope 2014 will be as good as 2013 or even better :) 


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