Why do you leave us?

In 1 week 3 members from 2 different bands have left and 
me and a lot of other K-Pop fans are in total shock! 
What the hell is happening? 

First there were rumors that Luhan from EXO will be leaving and that he's actually suing SM Entertainment. 
But last week the rumors came true. He is actually suing the company and leaving the band. I think it's a big lost for EXO and SM Entertainment for 2 reasons: 
1. He's already the 2nd guy to leave EXO (Kris already left earlier this year)
2. The fans LOVE him (me too!♥) so now that he's leaving maybe some of the fans will stop 
supporting the band

There have been a lot of discussion about why is he leaving and most of the people think the main reason is how SM Entertainment treats their artists. For example maybe a month back there were news about how Luhan couldn't participate in a concert due to health issues and these are the news you can read about SM Entertainment's artists quite often unfortunately. 
I don't of course accept that they don't let them rest enough etc but I still feel like you need to be very stupid to join in a K-pop group without thinking that it's going to be rough. Because it really is rough: when they are promoting their new songs they have a lot of live performances + other live concerts, appearances in many Korean shows and of course they spend a lot of time making their albums etc. 
So I think you shouldn't join in a band if you have even a little doubt that you can't handle the pressure. 

Another reason might be also some money issues that EXO has with SM Entertainment.
Some of the members haven't maybe understood correctly how their "salaries" go (the amount depends on for how long the band has been active) and so on. 
I think this is also a bit stupid reason but of course you really want money for the hard work you have done but this also might be caused of the stupidity of the member. 

I'm very sad that if one of these reasons is real and they can't solve it because I think they should at least try with an open mind. 

After the confirmation about Luhan's situation there were also new rumors that started to spread. For example that the other Chinese members from EXO-M will leave too and maybe form a new band with Luhan and Kris in China. 
If they really will leave, I hope that will come true because I definitely want to hear and see them more! 
All the guys in EXO are very talented and their personalities are also so nice that I'm really heartbroken to think that soon there might not be anymore EXO...
Still if they continue with 2 members down or get new members, who is going to dance AMAZINGLY with Kai? :( 
Luhan and Kai were the best couple ever! ♥ I mean dance couple! :D

Luhan & Kai ♥

EXO performing Growl & Wolf at MAMA 2013

This live performance is still one of the absolute best!
Especially Kai and Luhan's extra dance parts!

The second bad news came this week. 
The news was about Lee Joon and Thunder leaving MBLAQ. 
Lee Joon's contract with J.Tune Camp is ending and he's not continuing that because he wants to focus on acting. 
Also Thunder isn't going to continue his contract but becoming a solo artist and pursue some other stuff. 
Luckily their departing from the band isn't official yet so we still have some hope that they will stay in the company and the band :) 
Before all of this, last week there were also rumors that all the MBLAQ members would enlist in the army but that was quickly denied. 
But at least I don't think that's impossible because it would be actually good for the band if all the members go to the army at the same time because then they will be back at the same time. 
But we'll see :) 
At least they are still doing their concerts in November together!

I really hope that at least Lee Joon won't leave the band 
because he has been my favorite from the start
and I love that he's the best dancer in the group ♥


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