When I met you in the summer...

we fell in love ♥

Exactly 1 year ago I really saw my boyfriend for the first time. 
That happened in London and I still remember everything from that day. 
That day was full of different feelings and good/bad moments. 
First hug, excitement, getting to know each other more, fun, sadness, jokes & saying goodbye. 

Before we met in London, we had already known each other over 6 months and we had been waiting anxiously to meet. 
Unfortunately due to S's work we could only see on 1 day although I was in London for a week with my friend. But that 1 day was way more better than not meeting at all. 
I enjoyed every moment and was already waiting for the next time we would meet. 

Some people say that there's no point in having a long distance relationship because they don't usually last etc. But I think it can last for a long time just as "normal" relationships usually do. It might not be as easy but for me it has been worth it :)
On the other hand I think for me and S it helps to have similar dreams and goals in life for example we both want to move to USA. 
So if you are willing to work and fight hard for your LDR it can be a long relationship and full of amazing moments. BUT you MUST have TRUST! That is one of the most important things to have, maybe even the most important. 

So true! 

I hope my journey with S ends well and we would be living together soon and spending the rest of our lives together. That's my ultimate dream at the moment. 
Unfortunately you never know what will happen...
But I know that in 39 days I will meet my dearest person again and spend a few days with him ♥

I think there is someone for everyone so don't ever give up! 
You might not meet the right person today, tomorrow or even this year but that day will come :) 
You just have to be patient.

Have a lovely day everyone! 
At least that's what I'm going to do :) 


Lontooseen lähtöön TJ: 39 päivää
Koulun alkuun TJ: 57 päivää
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