Playoffs 2014

 Yesterday began the semi-finals in the Finnish Elite League (Liiga in Finnish) and my team Tappara won the Pelicans (team from Lahti) 4 times so they moved on. Also the team from Rauma, Lukko won 4 times and moved on to the semi-finals. 

Now they are playing against each other. 
Yesterday was the 1st game in Tampere and Tappara won 5-2 and
tomorrow they're playing here in Rauma.  
Luckily my friend Johanna is a Lukko fan so she agreed to go there with me and 
we also invited William from our class so he could experience some Finnish ice-hockey culture :) 

I can't wait for tomorrow evening! It's going to be an intense game because it's Lukko's home game and if Tappara wins the 2nd time already things wouldn't look good for Lukko. That's why because one of the two teams need to win again 4 times in order to move on to the Finals against either Kärpät from Oulu or Saipa from Lappeenranta. 
So it's going to be an evening worth waiting for. 



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