It feels like yesterday

On Monday it was time to celebrate my baby's 10th birthday. 

10 years have gone by but it still feels like yesterday when me and my dad went to get Otto from his birthplace in Ulvila. 

Happy B-Day! ♥
Then he was so little and kept running around like a headless chicken :D 
Now he enjoys sleeping and eating and of course getting as much attention as possible. 
On Monday he wasn't in a party mood because last Friday, he went to the trimmer and he lost his beard :D and he still keeps looking at me like "what have you done to me?".
I admit he doesn't look like himself but I think he still looks cute :) 

A few years ago we had a cabin and there was a huge field nearby,
Otto loved going running there and also digging :D
He was so confident that he will catch a vole or something but
he never did :D 

Some old pictures :) 


Risteilylle lähtöön TJ: 15 päivää
Koulupäiviä TJ: 20 päivää

(sorry for the Finnish again!) 


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