Christmas holiday ♥

Heey everyone! 
Sorry for not writing but I have been mad busy this last days because of school and Christmas. 
I had exams last week and yesterday I returned my last assignments so now I'm finally FREE! :D 
Christmas holiday here I come! ♥

We have still a lot to do with my mum before Christmas Eve... 
We need to finish cleaning the apartment, put up the Christmas tree and decorate it and of course make FOOD ♥

I have always loved Christmas; the decorations, the tree, candles, presents, food and the time we all spend together as a family :) 
But this year it is not the same somehow... I miss my baby sooo much and I feel sad that he can't come because he needs to go back to his home country to visit his sick grandpa :( 
But there's always next year and next Christmas! 
Also this darkness and the fact that we don't have any snow here, makes me feel a bit depressed and it doesn't feel like Christmas at all. 
Christmas needs snow! 

Tomorrow I'm going to see the new Hobbit with my friend! 
I can't wait to see it because the first one was so good. 

Last night when I talked with S and told him that we are going to see the Hobbit, he got soo jealous because he wants to see it too :D He should have come here... Also he was a bit surprised that I'm going to see it. But I made sure that now he knows that I like (LOOOVE) those kinds of movies! 

I think I'll also buy a Christmas present for my mum tomorrow and maybe I'll find something for myself too... :) 
I promise I will write again ASAP! Take it easy guys ♥ BYYEE! 


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