Autumn break: London & S ♥

Hello everyone! :) 

My autumn break is coming to an end.... Tomorrow I have to go back to school :( Of course I don't want to go but at the same time I'm kind of waiting for it because I just want to get over with school and then start a new life with Salman in some other country. 

Fortunately my autumn break started with the best possible way: I traveled to London and spent a few days with my babe and friend Johanna. Those 4 days were amazing and full of laughter, smiles, surprises, new things, hand holding, tears, teasing, jokes and love. I'm so glad that I was able to go there because now I have more energy and motivation for school and surviving the dark autumn/winter in Finland.

We went shopping, to the movies (we saw Escape Plan which was good! Stallone & Schwarzenegger!), to eat and just walking around and everything felt like heaven :) On Saturday evening, after a long day, we went to eat at a restaurant which was in a shopping center near our hostel and we just sat there for hours talking about everything you can imagine :D From Japan to eating horse meat! Although we didn't do much, just sat there and talked, it felt so nice and comfortable :) I have noticed that when we talk in Skype or especially when we meet, we take advantage of every minute and every second. If we weren't in a long distance relationship, I think it would be different and that's one thing (and maybe the only thing) that is good in a ldr. 
We met the last time on Monday evening when Salman came to our hostel and we went for a walk outside and after that we spent some time at our room. I think somehow this time it was harder to say goodbye and see the other walk away. We had some much fun and I really enjoyed myself so I don't regret at all spending money on this trip :) It was worth every cent! 

I try to keep this in mind when I'm feeling off 
That's all for this time! I'll get back to you as soon as possible :) Goodnight everyone & be safe! 


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