One thing off my bucket list

This spring I will, most likely, get one thing off my bucket list and that is seeing the cherry blossom! I have been planning to go see the flowers in Seoul since last spring when I wasn't able to go there or Japan. I was almost giving up once again but after careful consideration I decided to travel to Seoul in April. I was supposed to go with my mum but we decided that I will go alone and later this year, maybe during Christmas, we will go somewhere together. I was a bit sad about that but I totally get why my mum decided to stay at home and well travelling alone isn't very new for me anymore nowadays so it's not that bad. This way I can also visit places that my mum isn't very interested in. Plus I don't have to be completely alone thanks to my Korean friend whom I'm really excited to meet again. Can't wait until April! Luckily I still have a couple of months time to brush up my Korean because I would really like to use it there as much as possible from now on. 

I just hope I'll have a perfect timing to see these lovely flowers ❤

xoxo, Elina


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