Back once again

Hey everyone! How's your November going? :)

My month has been and still will be full of exciting events. I had my 21st birthday on the beginning of the month and last Wednesday I travelled to Osaka! I went there because I got tickets to EXO's ExoLuXion in Osaka concert or actually it was a 2 day ticket and at the same time I got to meet up with my friend, who is an exchange student there, after a long time. I got back to Bangkok this morning at 4am which meant that I have been super tired the whole day. I was sad to leave from Osaka because I had so much fun in the concerts and I had missed my friend very much and now that I finally got to see her it was so great that I didn't want to leave yet :( But I might go there again next spring (especially if there's some kpop concert) to see my friend or we'll meet somewhere else in Asia. 

Now I have to focus on my remaining school work and exams but luckily under a week I will have the most important person to me here with me in other words my mum will come visit me for a couple of weeks :) I'm really looking forward to that because I have missed her and it's not sure when she can come visit me during my internship period AND she will bring me some Finnish food and candy yay :D 

Have a nice week everyone ♥

xoxo, Elina


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