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1 YEAR ♥

29.3.2013  Skype  S + E  Start of our relationship ♥
I can't believe it has already been 1 year since we started dating!  During that time we have learned more & more about each other,  met twice in London,  made plans for the future,  had ups and downs  &  fallen for each other more ♥

You & Me = Forever ♥

Friends make everything better ♥

Hello everybody! ♥
Wherever you are, I hope you're happy and having a good day :) 

I just got to say that I LOVE my friends! ♥
I don't know what would I do without them!
They make me laugh, happy, relaxed, cry out of happiness & one of the luckiest person 
in the whole world. 
That's why it's really hard for me sometimes to live in a different city and not be able to see them so often. But when we do meet, I make every every second account! 

Last weekend I made again those every second count. 
On Friday we went to the movies to see Non-Stop which is about an air marshal (played by Liam Neeson) who gets threat texts. He needs to pay a huge amount money or otherwise every 20 minutes someone on the plane will die. It was intense and very good! 
I definitely recommend it! But maybe not for those who are very scared of flying :D 
After the movie I went over to my friend's house to spend the evening which was very nice :) 

On Saturday we all went to eat chicken wings at Siipiwe…

New York City, USA 17.-24.2.2014 ♥

On Monday it was finally time to travel to USA for the first time! I was so nervous the whole time we spent to get to Helsinki-Vantaa airport and when we waited there for our flight. At the same time I was also happy and excited. It had been my dream to travel to USA for so many years and now finally my dream was coming true.  My mum had been in Miami many many years ago with my brother so this wasn't the first time in USA for my mum.  Soon it was time to write the last texts for my friends and S  and get ready for take off.  BYE BYE FINLAND! ♥
Our hotel was next to the Williamsburg Bridge and from there we could see an amazing view when we were on our way to the hotel. 

We went twice to the Queens Center Mall which is located in Queens. You can get there very easily by metro (M & R lines, the stop is Woodhaven Blvd).  I bought a bunch of clothes from there (i.e. the stuff in the pictures above).You can find i.e. Forever 21, Charlotterusse, Victoria's Secret stores, H&M, Payle…