London, England 4.-11.7.2013 ♥

A few weeks ago I traveled to London with my bestie and I thought I would tell you about our amazing trip! :) 
(WARNING: This is a looong text so if you're not up to it please do change blogs or something :D ) 


4.-5.7. Thursday & Friday

It was finally the day when we head to LONDON! It was so exciting! Our flight left from Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 2.05 pm and we landed at Heathrow airport at 3.10 pm. Oh and the flight was....HORRIBLE! I had a migraine....(I love migraines too ♥) Well I barely survived it and everything we had to do at Heathrow but I made it because I'm a WOMAN and the trip was very important to me :D 
We used the tube to get to the hotel and it felt like it took for ages us to get there... but finally we were there and we got our room key :) BUT when we tried to get our room door to open... IT DIDN'T! So we had to go back to the reception which isn't in the same building :( In a few minutes we went back (OH and did I mention that our room was on the FOURTH floor...) and there was a guy who helped us :) It was so exhausting but at least we got a good lesson on how to open doors in England! :D If you didn't know, it really happens in a different way in England than in Finland :D The rest of the day we unpacked our things, went to eat at Pizza Hut and to shop at Boots and Tesco Express :) 

First meal in London! 
Yummyy ♥
"Our" street ♥

On Friday we spent the whole day SHOPPING ♥  We headed to Oxford Street which had all the shops where we wanted to go; Primark, Forever 21, River Island, Bershka, New Look etc and we also found a few other cool stores :) Because this was the first time we went there, we walked all the way from our hotel to there! It was probably about 2 kilometers :( but it was nice to walk slowly and take pictures at the same time :)

6.7. Saturday

OMG This day was absolutely one of the best days in my life! This was the day I really met my boyfriend for the first time ♥ But here's how the day started....

Me and Suvi had planned to go to the London Eye so after we had eaten breakfast we went there BUT there were sooo many people! I was like OMG it's going to take forever for us to get our tickets and to get inside of that thing :D Finally we decided to leave because the lines were just too long and we were supposed to meet S.... Later we found out that it really was a good decision to not to stay there! (You'll find out why later on...) 
The London Eye

So we went back to the hotel to freshen up. The time we waited there was so nerve-wracking :D I was so scared and anxious but at the same time happy :D Finally we went to our meeting point to wait for S (I came so close to losing my mind there!) and after about 30 minutes he came to us :)

Then after hugging and saying hi, we went to eat at Pizza Hut. When we got our bellies full and talked together, we went to our hotel to change my shoes and then we headed to Trafalgar Square by tube. 

From Trafalgar Square started our walk around London that lasted for hours :) So many hours that my legs literally DIED :D In addition to Trafalgar Square we went to see St James's Park, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Chinatown. It was so nice to see all the places and at the same time I got to know S better and spend time with him :) We talked about well almost everything and held hands the whole time :) It was so wonderful! Oh and I got to say; he was an excellent tour guide ;D  
Trafalgar Square

After a long long walk we took a tube to near our hotel and we went to buy food and drinks from Tesco Express and then we went to sit on the stairs outside of our hotel :) We sat and talked there for about a couple of hours and then we went to our room. Unfortunately me and S had to hug and say goodbyes :( That was so rough because I had lots of fun all day and he was so nice and sweet and I had waited for us to really meet for so long :( Just as he walked out from the room, I started to miss him again... 
Buckingham Palace

Piccadilly Circus

I would have wanted to go there but we didn't!
Maybe some other time.... :D 

7.7. Sunday

Tonight we were on a Ghost Bus tour :D The bus left near the Trafalgar square and drove around and there was a guy who told us about executions, witches and that kind of stuff :D There was also an actor on board who played a ghost and he was so funny and good! He even wiped my hand with a napkin and left it on my shoulder :D They also used sound effects and they had cameras and screens from which we could see the conductor and other scary stuff. I think it really was worth the money and I MAYBE would go again sometime :) 

The "Ghost" guy 

After the tour we went walking around and to take pictures :) It was such a beautiful and warm evening (luckily) :) 

Try not to see that irritating pole in front of the bus!

But before that tour we went shopping on Oxford Street again :) And of course we had lots of fun and we bought a bunch of clothes and other stuff :)  

8.7. Monday

So this day was full of exciting places, people and migraines... 
We had bought tickets from online to the Shard which is the tallest building in the European Union (it's 310 meters high and it has 87 floors). When we bought the tickets, we had to pick a time when we want to go there.... That was so dumb if you ask me :D So we picked 1.30 pm and luckily the right day because that day the weather was sunny and the sky was clear :) "The View from the Shard" was located between the 68th and 72nd floors so we went very high :D It was so amazing because you could really see far away from there! I could see our hotel from there....okay just kidding :D It really was worth the money and I recommend it to everyone who go to London! Oh and the elevators in the Shard are one of the fastest in the world (top speed 6 m/s) :D It was probably the first time when my ears became clogged in an elevator! 

After the Shard we were supposed to go straight to the Madame Tussauds but I started to have migraine when we were leaving :( So we had to change plans in other words we had to go back to the hotel. But just when we got back to the hotel, I started feel better which was weird because my migraines last normally for hours and this time it lasted only about 2 hours...Luckily our plans didn't go to hell after all :D 

So then we left to the Madam Tussauds wax museum by tube. When we got there, we were literally shocked! There were horrible just horrible lines surrounding the whole building! But when we finally found the right gate for us, we were relieved because there weren't any lines on that gate :D So we got in right away THANK GOD :D 

Oh man there were so many figures and PEOPLE! The whole place full and in the end we started to get very annoyed with other people because parents didn't watch their children AT ALL so they were all over the place and don't even get me started with how people took pictures there...Still we enjoyed going there and seeing the figures :) 

Oh and the figures weren't the only things there.... There was a SCREAM tunnel which had real actors (they didn't touch but they did other scary stuff) and effects that really made it scary :D It took only a few minutes to go through (because we almost ran it all the way through!) and was scary as hell but I don't regret going there AT ALL :D  There was also the Spirit of London ride.... We sat on a black cab and we got to know London's history better :) 
The last thing in the museum was the Marvel Super Heroes 4D Film Experience! It was the first time I saw a 4D movie and I think it was cool :D There were also other effects during the movie for example water splashed to our face. 

Overall Madam Tussauds was a great and interesting place! We liked it very much :) After our visit was over, we went to eat and we spent the evening at the hotel. Just as I was going to our room another migraine started! I was like what the hell is this A SECOND migraine today.... Fortunately we were at the hotel and it was late so I just went to bed :) 

9.7. Tuesday

Today we went to try to get to the London Eye again and we.....SUCCEEDED :D Luckily we didn't even have to wait on a ticket line only on the line that leads to inside the Eye! The ride took about 30 minutes and the view from there was quite nice :) It wasn't that amazing because we had already been at the Shard and there we were at so much higher than in the Eye. Still this was too worth the money and the little wait at the line. 

From the London Eye we walked pass Big Ben and obviously took pictures :D There we took a tube to get to Piccadilly Circus from where we walked to a bead store called Creative Beadcraft. I bought a bunch of stuff from there for my mum who is crazy about beads and making jewelry etc. The rest of the day we spent shopping at Oxford Street and near our hotel :) Oh and today we went to eat fish & chips for the first time! We ate at a local restaurant which was near our hotel and we both liked the dish very much :) 

10.-11.7. Wednesday & Thursday

Today when we woke up, we were like omg it's the last day in London! We were so sad but we decided to make every second count on our last day :) 

So today's plans were: shopping, shopping, going to the movies, shopping, packing our things and staying awake :) First we went shopping on Oxford Street for a few hours and after that we went to eat at McDonald's. There we decided to walk through Hyde Park on our way back to the hotel. Oh man I can't believe how HUGE Hyde Park is and we only saw a tiny part of it! But it was nice to walk and take pictures there :)

At the hotel we (well Suvi did and I just laid on the bed :D) started to pack our things before we could go and get our deposit money. When it was about 6 pm we left to get our money from the reception and went to buy few things from Boots. Then we hurried to Oxford Street by tube because we had to buy souveniers and food before going to the movies. 

Then it was time to go buy tickets to World War Z 3D! I was soooo excited because I love zombie movies and this was my first time watching a 3D movie :D The movie started at 9.15 pm and we left there at about 11.30 pm. World War Z was AWESOME! Even Suvi liked it which was really weird :D Brad Pitt was great (of course) and I didn't mind that the zombies were different than in other zombie movies (it was a nice change). I will definitely watch it again and even buy it on blu-ray! Oh and I liked the 3D feature so much that this won't be the only 3D movie I'm going to see (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 3D here I come!). 

Fortunately we could go back to our hotel by tube because it was so cold then and we didn't have much clothes on :D At the hotel we continued to pack our things which got very depressing in the end :( We were going to leave from the hotel at 3 am so we weren't in hurry and we had decided not to go to sleep but stay awake all night. At about 2 am I had a shower (while Suvi was sleeping.....) and after that we started to get ready to leave :) A little after 3 am we went to the street to wait for the airport bus and unfortunately we had to wait there for almost 30 minutes :( 

The drive to the airport took about a half an hour and then there we the airport and our flight was not leaving until 3 hours later :( Amazingly the time went quite fast! So 3 hours later we were already on a plane coming back home. UNFORTUNATELY! 

4.7.-11.7. London: An unforgettable trip! Full of happy, sad, excited, scary and memorable moments! I wish this won't be the last trip abroad with my dear friend <3 

Oh why can't it still be that day?! ♥ Miss u! 


  1. Vitsit, halu Lontooseen vain kasvoi :) Ps. Vika kuva on ihana!

  2. Sinne vaan, suosittelen lämpimästi! :) Voitais muuten mennä vaikka yhdessä sinne :D

    Kiitoos! <3


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